Marianne, built in 1934 returned in 2010 to the racing scene completely renovated and with a new crew.

Marianne was built in 1934 for Swedish attorney Dan Sunden-Cullberg by Holms Yachtvarv in Gamleby and carried sail number S13. Her hull was built of Honduras mahogany with a varnished Oregon pine deck. She was one of the most successful 6mR yachts in 30´s. In the year she was built, she represented Sweden in the Gold Cup.

Marianne raced with success until 1946. After a change of ownership she got a coachroof and disappeared from race courses. She returned racing scene in late 60´s and in 1976 she was used as a plug for making moulds for a glass fibre six. In early 80´s she was bought to Åland and raced for a decade with mixed success.

Today at age of 76 years Marianne has her 7th owners Saarela, Lindström and Pasanen. The crew for 2011 includes the owner trio plus Kude Lahtinen, Jukka Lindfors and Mikko Mehtonen as a reserve.


Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-52 Marianne

Seura Merenkävijät
Rakennusvuosi 1934
Suunnittelija Tore Holm
Veistämö Holms Yachtvarv, Gamleby
Ensimmäinen omistaja
Dan Sundén-Cullberg, KSSS


Omistajat Lindström, Pasanen & Saarela /


RANKING 2015 (10.8.)

01. FIN-49 Sara af Hangö 66
02. FIN-36 JOY 54
03. FIN-12 Fridolin 50
04. FIN-44 TOY 49
05. FIN-74 Lisbeth V 43
06. FIN-72 Ara 40
07. F-46 Astree III 40
08. FIN-60 Off Course 40
09. FIN-63 Borée II 30
10. FIN-38 Mariana 30
11. FIN-43 Wire 27
12. FIN-39 Jolanda 24
13. FIN-35 Elinore 21
14. FIN-70 Boree IV 19
15. FIN-77 Antje 17
16. FIN-40 Fandango 16
17. FIN-30 Raili 15
18. FIN-53 May Be IV 14
19. FIN-69 Topp 10
20. FIN-17 Arneta 8
21. FIN-22 Merenneito 4
22. FIN-69 Victoria 3
23. FIN-19 Puckie 2
24. FIN-24 Antinea 1

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