Wire L-43 was built in 1938 at Wilenius boatyard for Antti Wihuri and designed by Gösta Kyntzell. Wire was slightly tail heavy during it's first season 1938. For the next summer the flotation balance was trimmed, resulting in one of the very fastest six metres in Finland. Not surprisingly Wire was chosen to represent Finland in the 1939 Gold Cup. Wire participated in many races in the 1940´s mainly helmed by Yngve Pacius, the most prominent helmsman of those days. Odd W Ryden was spinnaker master for Pacius in the regatta after the 1939 Gold Cup, as well as in many other races in the 40's. After the disastrous 2nd race of the 1939 Gold Cup (where German Gustel VIII sank the Norwegian Iselin, USA's Goose rammed the Italian Tuin V, and the Swedish Sinkadus lost her mast) the wet and disgruntled Norwegian team was taken to Ryden's villa on Sommarö to recuperate. Ryden tells that one of his jobs during racing was to get the skipper a bottle of beer when Pacius said "det här är en jävla skit skuta" ("this is a damn crap barge").
Antti Wihuri sold Wire in 1943 and the name - much to Pacius's horror - was changed to Boo-Hoo. Still with Pacius at the helm she was the most succesful Finnish 6mR yacht in 1945 and 1946. In 1964 she was sold to Sweden where she sailed as Taifun II and Boo-Hoo with the sailnumber S65. During her time in Sweden she won the prize of "the most beautiful yacht in the Lidingö runt -race". In 1989 she was brought back to Finland by a team from Turku.
In 1998 the boat, now named Wire again, was in poor condition having spent several years on dry land. A serious overhaul was needed. Luckily her new owners started a massive, three year restoration project. Copies of the original drawings and old pictures were obtained from Göran Oloffsson, who had owned her in 1952-1964. It was decided to restore her to her original beauty and using the same materials as originally. Much of the woodwork was changed, actually everything but the boards above the waterline, the keel and the rudder. Originally Wire used to have a spruce deck, so Sitka spruce planks were ordered from USA. The planks were shipped to Muhos and planed to the original profile with custom made blades so that the underside of the deck would look the same as in 1938. On the hull only bronze screws were used and the metal fittings on deck were made of chromed bronze. The line on the top of the freeboard was plated with 18k gold leaf. For serious racing everything above deck was modernized, including the rig and sails while trying to keep the deck as plain as possible. After the restoration Wire was racing actively but seldom scoring to the very top. Actually the owners were more restoration than racing oriented. Also the next owners kept the boat in beautiful condition. Wire got a new mast and a new set of sails in 2010 after serious damage to the mast in a racing accident.
In 2011 Wire once more got new owners, who bought the best boat available for the upcoming World Cup in home waters. One new set of 3D-sails and some electronics were added plus plenty of racing enthusiasm. Scoring 25th in a seasoned racing fleet of 45 boats was considered a good start. Wire was found to leak a lot from the old mahogany planking and during the next winter Wire got her topsides fixed and shining with new laquer at Wilenius boatyard. The following years Wire raced actively in the increasingly competitive Finnish 6mR fleet with reasonable succes. In 2014 one of the four owners sold his share to two new enthusiasts. Minor improvements were made and during the winter 2016 it was time to renew the deck lacquer. At the same time some changes to the deck fittings were made and a couple of new winches were fitted. It was also decided to change the original rudder to a new wooden one and some new sails were ordered. Perhaps due to these improvements, better continuity in the the crew - or a pair of magic gloves - Wire seemed to have better speed and improved steadily during the 2016 season, finishing 3rd in the Champagne regatta, 2nd in the BS Classic regatta and 7th in the 2016 ranking. The season ended with the Golden Spinnaker race which evolved into The Race against Off Course.2017 started with a change in one of the owners. New lists were added to the fore deck and a removable light "cabin" was added for transports, making sailing in rough weather much dryer. Wire participated in most of the races with fairly good success.

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FIN-43 Wire

Seura NJK
Rakennusvuosi 1938
Suunnittelija Gösta Kyntzell
Veistämö Wilenius Båtvarv
Ensimmäinen omistaja Antti Wihuri


Omistajat Hämäläinen, Scheinin, Voutilainen, Salmensaari & Norra


Ranking 2023

1FIN 80Astrée IIINJK36
2FIN 74Lisbeth VNJK29
3FIN 12FridolinNJK27
4FIN 49Sara af HangöHSF/NJK24
5FIN 23Merenneito IIÅSS23
6FIN 39JolandaBS20
8FIN 51May Be VINJK15
9FIN 43WireMP/NJK15
11FIN 60OffcourseHSK9
12FIN 36JoyHSS9
13FIN 67DjinnNJK8
14FIN 30RailiHSS5
15FIN 38MarianaNJK3
17FIN 64EmziaSPS2

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