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Dear 6 Metre friends!

On behalf of our President Matt Brooks, I have the pleasure to announce that our new webpage is up and running! Take a look yourselves…. It is obviously a base version, subject to many changes to come, but it is a start into our new communication age.

Special thanks to our webdesigner and creative mind Thilo Durach, who managed a big workload with it besides what he has to do to earn his living!

6mr 26.1.2015

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Ranking 2018

F-46 Astree III 16

FIN-63 Borée II 16

FIN-60 Off Course 13

FIN-49 Sara af Hango 12

FIN-51 May Be VI 11

FIN-72 Ara 9

FIN-43 Wire 9

FIN-38 Mariana 9

FIN-77 Antje 8

FIN-44 Toy 6

S-2 May Be IV 5

FIN-77 Emzia 3

FIN-39 Jolanda 3

FIN-76 Victoria 3

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