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6mR ja Louhiliiton Sailyoga-tapahtuma 1.2.2014

Sailyoga Workshop will strengthen you both mentally and physically and is aimed for those who compete within sailing. Still everyone that has a passion for sailing is welcome and I guarantee you will get a great deal out of it.

Merijooga (seayoga) is a passion - it is about learning how to breath, live your life filled with joy, love and harmony.

Please come and join us for this amazing afternoon with the 6mR workshop at Merijooga Espoo where all your senses will be fuelled with energy and love for the sea and the fantastic sailing competition sport.

This works shop is aimed for the BEGINNERS, any previous yoga experience is not needed.

During the work shop you will learn the basics of yoga and wave breathing of Merijooga.

Sign up now:
1.2.2014 1400-1700 (price 65 eur)
Merijooga Haukilahti, Ukkohauentie 11-13a.

Please sign up a.s.a.p. there is a limited availbility of places.
-Catharina Gylling-Bärlund phone: +358-40-354-2294.
Please inform me if you are interested in joining for the sauna and dinner afterwards.

After your registration, Merijooga will send you more info and payment details for confirmation.

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6mr 3.1.2014

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8 Wire 49
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10 May Be IV 36
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12 Boreé II 30
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14 Victoria 24
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17 Silène III 8
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22 Fandango 2
23 Puckie 1

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