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For sale

6 mR GER 41 Adelheid

Adelheid GER 41 for sale

Year: 1939

Designer: Henry Rasmussen

Location: Germany, Konstanz, Lake of Constance

Condition: very good

Price: 79.000,00 €

Anitra L-25, designed by E. Olofsson -27

Int. Six Metre FIN-74 Lisbeth V (Ex NOR-46, SWE-136)

1932 Johan Anker, built by Anker & Jensen 2tf. Lisbeth V is measured in accordance with the Class rule 3. (ie. 1933 rule). 2000 - 2007 renovated by Johan H. Larson and the help of top Swedish boat builders with the assistance of Peter Norlin.

Price 89.000€

6mR FIN-72 Ara

Price: 48.000 €
Contact: Kari Malmstrom +358500 942504

6mR FIN-3 Irma

Good condition, new deck, mast and lot of repairs done.

6mR FIN-66 Bambi

Bambi is a very competitive 6mR yacht in excellent racing condition. The boat was designed by Knud H. Reimers and built in Zurich, Switzerland in 1946. Bambi has previously sailed on Lake Geneva with a solid racing record. Having been bought to Finland in 2002 she underwent a renovation as well as a modernization of the running rig and remains in excellent racing condition.

6mR FIN-55 Toogooloowoo V - S&S Six Metre 1970

TOOGOOLOOWOO V is the second Six Metre construction to be commissioned by John Taylor. The name is from the Australian Aborigine. Her design closely follows that of the 12 Metres Intrepid and Valiant with fuller stem sections of the latter. Toogy is the only six metre to have been built to the loophole discovered in the Rule for measuring the waterline length. This loophole has since been closed. The Toogy V is a good all-around design but is weakest in light airs and best in a real blow.

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Ranking 2018

F-46 Astree III 16

FIN-63 Borée II 16

FIN-60 Off Course 13

FIN-49 Sara af Hango 12

FIN-51 May Be VI 11

FIN-72 Ara 9

FIN-43 Wire 9

FIN-38 Mariana 9

FIN-77 Antje 8

FIN-44 Toy 6

S-2 May Be IV 5

FIN-77 Emzia 3

FIN-39 Jolanda 3

FIN-76 Victoria 3

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